Reasons To Have A Monthly Pest Control Service

Whether you are a homeowner, renter, or business owner, there are a number of reasons why you should subscribe to a monthly pest control plan.  Monthly pest control visits can help to prevent health issues and keep your home or business safer. Pest control visits will also help to protect the structural integrity by finding destructive infestations before they can do any real damage.  Monthly visits can keep destructive pests from structural damage to your home or business.

Whether you are considering a monthly pest control subscription for your home or place of business, making sure that guests never see a pest is very important.  In a place of business, a single bug could lead to a yelp review that dissuades future customers from ever coming into your place of business. In your home, guests can be made to feel pretty uncomfortable after an encounter with a big cockroach. Below are a few reasons why you should have a monthly pest control service.

Reasons To Have A Monthly Pest Control Service

Your Health & Wellbeing (& Family)

Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of your family and loved ones.  There are plenty of pests out there that can cause health issues if they go unchecked. If you have children or elderly living in your home, it is especially important to take precautions to keep harmful pests out of your house or place of business.  Rodents are among the most dangerous pests when it comes to your health.

Rats and mice are both common intruders of our homes, restaurants, and places of business and can carry more than 35 diseases that can be passed onto humans.  Contrary to popular belief, rats and mice can spread the disease without direct contact. In fact, these pests can spread disease not only through feces, urine and saliva but also indirectly through fleas, ticks and other small bugs that may feed on rodent feces.  Rodent feces can also trigger allergic responses and cause foodborne illnesses. Some of the most common diseases carried by rodents include Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Tularemia, and the Plague.

Ants and cockroaches are both common pests that can also jeopardize our health.  Ants and cockroaches together can carry over 30 different types of bacteria and diseases.  With cockroaches, one of the biggest dangers is the fecal matter that they produce as it is especially toxic.

With all the different pests that can cause harm in your house, it is worthwhile to subscribe to monthly pest control for preventative purposes.

Protecting Your Physical Home

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, maintaining the structural integrity of your property should always be a priority.  While there are plenty of different infestations you can find in your home or business, none are quite as destructive to the structure as termites.  Termites cause billions of dollars in damages in the United States every year. While termites are most well known for their ability to destroy the wood in a short period of time, they can also destroy books, trees and other things around the house.  Oftentimes, by the time termites are discovered in a house, it is already too late and the damage has already been done. Subscribing to monthly pest control inspections will give you a safety net so you don’t have to worry about these destructive pests.

Your Reputation

The unfortunate truth is that our homes are a much more comfortable place to live in than the outdoors, and this leads to a lot of pests trying to inhabit our homes.  Whether a homeowner or a business owner, it is always embarrassing when guests encounter a pest in our home or place of business. Unfortunately, an infestation can cause more than just embarrassment or a bad reputation; a serious pest problem in a business or restaurant can ruin a business.  With the high stakes of being a business owner, a pest problem may be too much to worry about, so why not put your mind at ease and subscribe to monthly pest control visits? The answer is that a lot of people think that they can handle pest problems on their own.

Treatment Costs

The cost of monthly treatments is going to be less than the cost of a one-time emergency.  If you are as busy as the average American, you probably aren’t going to notice a pest problem until it has become a considerably big problem.  These bigger pest problems can be extremely expensive and time consuming to fix. For example, a monthly subscription to pest control services may save you from having to pay thousands of dollars in damages from a termite problem going on unbeknownst to you.

Peace Of Mind

Knowing that each month you will have trained specialists coming to your home and making sure your home is pest-free.  Rather than wait until a guest in your home or business is surprised by a giant cockroach, have our specialists come out and make sure your home is pest-free.  Your health, well-being, and peace of mind are too important to leave to chance.

Best Monthly Pest Control Service in Sacramento

Whether you are concerned about a home or business environment, you can take control of the situation today and subscribe to monthly pest control visits.  Don’t wait for cockroaches, termites, ants, mice, rats, and other pests to inhabit your home or business. All these pests can cause structural damage as well as create unwanted health problems and illnesses.  Call Pegasus Pest Control today toll-free on (888) 885-5017 for a free pest inspection.