Cockroach Pest Control in Sacramento, CA

There are few pests in this world that strike that feeling of disgust like the cockroach. There is nothing worse than sitting in your house enjoying a nice home-cooked meal and to see one of these creepy crawlies scuttling along your wall. So what is it that makes us hate cockroaches so much?

Why Do We Dislike Cockroaches So Much? (Not For The Faint Hearted)

Why do cockroaches strike such a level of distaste?

In western culture, cockroaches are associated with dirty habitats. So is this perhaps what annoys us the most? Is it that these filthy insects have chosen my residence as a suitable replacement for the dump that they must have come from? Or is it their actual appearance? Is it the thought of one of them crawling on you or the food that you are about to consume? Is their presence harmful to humans? Or are you worried about what the neighbors who plan their weekly visits in order to just purely judge how clean you keep your property will think? Do cockroaches lead to social exclusion? Let’s take a look.

Why have cockroaches chosen your home?

Is our common perception that cockroaches choose a residence in a place where the hygiene standard is equivalent to that of a teenage boy’s much-used sports bag accurate? Yes and no is the answer. The truth that probably nobody wants to know about is that cockroaches are everywhere. They’ve been on this planet far longer than humans, and if the myths of them being able to survive nuclear radiation blasts are to be believed (more on that later) they will be here far longer as well. Yes, there are living conditions that will suit cockroaches more. Like us, they need food and water to survive. So having food lying around will always attract them. Unlike us, however, the cockroach can survive a full month with no food, and a week with no water. These are resilient little buggers, so keeping food out of reach and in airtight containers whenever possible will deter them from hanging around for long. This includes those crumbs you leave on the counter after making a sandwich. You should also dispose of the garbage on a regular basis and keep it sealed as much as possible.

Are cockroaches harmful to humans?

Yes, their presence does have a negative effect on humans in a number of ways. They do not generate their own diseases, however, they are carriers of bacteria and infectious agents, which can lead to deteriorating the health of you and your loved ones. Here are a few examples of how cockroaches are harmful (not for the faint of heart):

  • They can contaminate the food that is in the open by defecating on it, leaving hair, dead skin, and empty eggshells behind. Due to the size, there is a good chance that you won’t even notice some of this. This contamination can lead to food poisoning, as they are home to Salmonella, amongst other bacteria.
  • Cockroaches have been known to nibble on humans. Fear not, you are not likely to be consumed whole by even an army of them (now that is bringing the unpleasantness to another level). But they will eat almost anything and although they are not poisonous it still isn’t a nice experience to have one of these munching away at you.
  • So this one might be the worst, but small cockroaches have been known to invade human body parts. It is not uncommon to have them crawl into your ear and nose while you sleep. It can get much worse if untreated. A common remedy is to drown them in olive oil before extraction. Here is a small account of someone’s not so pleasant experience when it comes to body invasion (click the link at own caution):
  • Cockroaches can cause an increase in asthma attacks and allergies in your home. If anybody is susceptible to these you need to address the problem straight away. Their saliva secretion and skin contain numerous allergens that can cause similar symptoms to hay fever.

Do cockroaches lead to social exclusions?

Okay so this might be a little far fetched, but in today’s society anything can be held against you. Do you really want to have the reputation of living in a cockroach-infested home? That tag is not easily rid of and it only takes one account to become permanent. Your best bet is that if you have the slightest inclination that there are roaches present, do not let the town crier into your home. Or better yet, call us on (888) 885-5017 to fix the problem for you.

How difficult is it to get rid of cockroaches in your home?

Cockroaches are difficult to get rid of in your home, as they are one of the most resilient bugs out there. Although they are not completely nuclear radiation immune, they do have tolerance of six to fifteen times that of a human (unlike the fruit fly who actually exceeds that number), but there are definitely more cost-effective ways to getting rid of them than dropping an A-bomb in your house. Here are some simple tips to deter the population of cockroaches in your home:

  • As mentioned above always keep food out of the way in airtight containers, even crumbs will encourage these pests to stick around for longer
  • Always clean up any spills of liquids, even leaving small puddles of water on a draining board next to a sink will attract these little guys
  • Dispose of garbage regularly, and keep it out of their reach when it is in your home. This includes airtight bags and lids on trash cans.
  • Recycle old newspapers and magazines, they can feed on these as well so having a stack of them lying around the home is another invitation.
  • Seal up any cracks in the wall, and repair any broken pipes. These guys can squeeze through tiny openings so you have to be diligent.
  • Set traps and have roach spray handy. Even if you are unsure of any infestation present, it is helpful to set up traps and check them periodically to bring to your attention any presence.

How do I know if my place is heavily infested?

Cockroaches breed quickly. In some species, a female roach can produce up to 50 eggs at a time with infant roaches becoming adults within 45 days. So if this goes untreated you can have quite the problem. Not only that but they can live out of sight if they are not caught in the act. If you have your suspicions that your home is heavily infested it is best practice to call in a professional. Here at Pegasus Pest we will do a full inspection of your home and determine the best course of action. You can rest easy knowing we guarantee your satisfaction when it comes to pest control.

Since 1993, family-owned and operated Pegasus Pest Control has been giving home and business owners peace of mind. If you are encountering cockroaches in your home, it is advised that you seek the help of a professional. You can call us today toll-free on (888) 885-5017 or you can find our online contact form here.

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