Why Fall Pest Control Is So Important

As the season begins to change and fall decorations begin to pop up, Pegasus Pest Control reminds homeowners that a little pest-proofing goes a long way towards protecting your home and your health through the colder months ahead. 

Give your home a walk around to see if there are any areas that might be leaving you vulnerable to insects or rodents. With temperatures dropping, many insects and animals will begin to seek shelter for food and protection from the cold. Pest-proofing your home will help you stay one step ahead of spiders, mice, and cockroaches.

Why Fall Pest Control Is So Important

Fall Bugs and Pests


Fall bugs aren’t the only thing to watch out for: rodent control and exclusion should be your number one fall priority, as mice and rats seek a warm place for winter.

Rodents are typically found in the walls and anywhere there are open food containers. Rodents carry all kinds of diseases and illnesses, entering your home through holes as small as a coin.

They can also harm your property, gnawing through wires, leaving behind droppings, and nesting in your insulation. Check the perimeter of your home for any holes or cracks where these four-legged creatures could possibly crawl through.


The south- and west-facing walls of your home may attract fall flies in search of heat – and if they are already overwintering, a warm day may bring them out of hiding.

Stinging Insects

After working all summer to create the largest nest possible, it becomes a struggle to feed so many mouths with temperatures dropping and food sources dwindle.

Under these circumstances, stinging insects like yellow jackets and bees can become hostile. If you think you have found a nest, take caution.


Cool autumn weather may bring ant trails indoors. Ants, like pavement ants and odorous house ants, sometimes move their colonies into the walls of your home or beneath a slab foundation to escape the chill.

Occasional Fall Bugs

This time of year can include a bevy of unique fall insects, including stink bugs, box elders, and ladybugs. Pests enter homes and businesses seeking an overwintering site where they can wait out the winter.


Moisture below your home can draw cockroaches. Maintenance is your best roach control weapon, from general cleanliness to repair of cracks and gaps that can let roaches in.

Fall Maintenance Tips

Follow these tips to help minimize the threats that these pests could reek on your home and your health:

  • Screen attic vents, openings to chimneys, and any other areas that are open to the outdoors.
  • Keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces well ventilated and dry. 
  • Keep kitchen counters clean, store food in airtight containers, and dispose of garbage regularly in sealed receptacles.
  • Replace weather-stripping and repair loose mortar around the foundation and windows.
  • Avoid leaving pets’ food dishes out for long periods of time.
  • Contact a licensed pest control professional if an infestation is suspected. 

Why you need professional pest control for fall pests

In fall, bugs and rodents are looking for a place to hibernate or overwinter. And they can turn your happy home into a nightmare. That’s why fall pest control is so important. A pest professional can treat your yard, and set up devices that watch for harmful insects.

They can stop many bugs before they even get to your home. Professionals have training on how to seal your house and can spray the outside of your home, especially in hard to reach places, like the roofline and third story window frames.

Fall Pest Control Near You

You don’t have to live in fear of bugs and rodents. Proper fall maintenance can keep your home and your family safe, and bug-free. You have enough to worry about. Leave your bug worries to the professionals at Pegasus Pest Control. Call us today at 888 885 5017 for an inspection.