Commercial Pest Control Services in Sacramento CA

Why You Need Commercial Pest Control Service in Sacramento

Why Commercial Pest Control Should Be Taken Seriously

When we hear of pest control a lot of people automatically think that it is relating to residential properties. But a lot of the time this is not the case. Pest control for your home is important. After all it is the place that you and your loved ones reside in for the majority of the time. But have you thought about the safety in your place of work? Commercial pest control in Sacramento has never been more important, especially when it comes to the well being of your employees, colleagues, and customers. There are a few reasons why there has been an increase in the presence of common pests in places of work. Lets take a look.

Pests Like To Be Left Alone

It is no coincidence that there has been an increase in the need for commercial pest control in Sacramento. We as a society are busier than ever, working long hours, trying to fit everything in to a busy schedule, and constantly distracted from the minute things that are happening around us. It is in environments like this that certain pests (drywood termites, rodents, and carpenter ants) thrive. During the day when phones are ringing, there is constant noise from outside traffic and people conversing; do you think that anybody will notice the small scuttles of a rat or mouse? Or do you think that instead of having a sales deadline hanging over their head, the average worker will notice a slight warping of door frames in the building? Not a chance. It is why the owner should be looking into getting frequent WDO inspections (more on that later).

Some Pests Are Nocturnal

Unlike homes or any residential property, commercial buildings for the majority are left unattended at night. For your common pests like rodents who are nocturnal, it gives them a chance to travel around looking for food, make nests, breed, and generally do what they want undisturbed for the entire night. That is why we at Pegasus Pest Control always encourage frequent rat extermination services that we offer. Rodent control in Elk Grove is so important as there is a general fear of the little critters!

Does Commercial Pest Control Have A Negative Effect On A Business

There is a misconception that if your business property is undergoing frequent pest control services potential customers will be turned off about engaging with you. However we like to put a positive spin on it, it is better to have proactive commercial pest control services applied rather than reactive. Our frequent WDO inspections program has our technicians (discreetly) inspect your place. Although they are looking for WDO’s (wood destroying organism) specifically, it is not hard to find the signs of other pests such as mice and rats. We have found that it is far better for business if we find them first, allowing us to proactively deal with the problem before any of your customers are even aware there is one.

Why Is A Commercial Pest Control Service In Sacramento Important?

Nobody likes encountering pests at any establishment. Colleagues and employees won’t want to continually come into a property knowing it is infested. Worse still is your business getting a reputation for being unclean and not professional from your customers? But the main reason for frequent commercial pest control inspections is safety. WDO’s such as drywood termites, subterranean termites, carpenter ants, and fungi’s can make commercial buildings a safety hazard. Structurally the building is unstable. Colleagues and customers can injure themselves and you could potentially be facing legal charges. Here is more information why WDO Inspections are so important.

Types Of Pests Found In Commercial Buildings

So what are the common pests you should be looking out for when it comes to commercial buildings, and how can you impede their presence? Lets take a look at the usual suspects:

Rodent Control in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville

As we have explained above, rodents are a serious problem when it comes to commercial buildings. They are nocturnal, prefer to be left undisturbed, breed very quickly, and can cause severe damage to a building by chewing through electrical wires. They can also become very territorial when it comes to defending their family, although small in comparison, they are known to bite and scratch. On top of all of that, people in general have a fear and distaste for these little critters. You can visit a previous blog post if you want to learn more about rodent control in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville.

Commercial Termite Treatment in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville

The termites are the most common of WDO’s (wood destroying organism). We have gone into a lot of detail recently about termites because at this time of year, at the beginning of spring they are more prevalent, and you have to be extra vigilant because they fly the nest in search of different areas to infest. This process is known as termite swarming. There are discreet methods in treating termites in Elk Grove. If the area of infestation is known, we can drill holes in the wall and pump the interior with special foam that smothers and poisons them. Your customers will not be able to tell that a termite control service has been applied, as humans are not susceptible to the poison. For other termite treatment options in Elk Grove, Sacramento, or Roseville. We also provide a premium ant control service. Don’t let those carpenter ants have all the fun!

Pigeon Pest Control in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville

Pigeons are becoming a more common pest problem than people are realizing. Casually known as ‘rats with wings’ by some, pigeons can be quite the deterrent for local business owners, especially in the food industry. They do not have a fear of humans, are able to come in close contact with them, and are always looking for food that has been dropped on the ground. They also excrete everywhere, something that none of your customers or employees appreciate. So what are the most common forms of pigeon repellant in Elk Grove? At Pegasus Pest, we use live pigeon traps, exclusion devices (pigeon spikes, bird netting, wires and electrified wires), and pigeon deterrents (predatory noises that keep pigeons away, and sticky gel). For more information on the best pigeon control in Sacramento and its regions, you can visit our pigeon pest control page.

As we have already explained commercial pest control is so important in keeping your frequent customers happy. It only takes one bad review when it comes to pests to deter them from your business, so why take the risk? Frequent pest inspections, pest control treatments, and proactive pest services will aid in a thriving workplace.

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