Lincoln Pest Control Services: Where Are You Most Likely to Find Pests?

Wondering to yourself: where are you most likely to find pests? If so, find out why you should call Lincoln Pest Control Services now.

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you may already be preparing your guest list! We’re all looking forward to inviting people over and celebrating the best season of the year with them. But what do you do when unwanted guests – spiders, centipedes, raccoons, and in-laws – start accepting that invitation, too?

There are all sorts of places around your home where pests could be lurking. Read on to learn some of their most common hiding spots and how Lincoln pest control services can help you keep your home pest-free for the holidays.

The Kitchen

As much as we may not like to hear it, the kitchen is one of the most likely lurking spots for unwanted critters in your house. Your kitchen provides pests with all the resources they need to thrive. There’s plenty of food for them, access to water, and lots of dark corners in cabinets and pantries for them to hide in.

The best thing you can do to keep pests out of your kitchen is to keep it clean. Wipe down counters every night, sweep crumbs off the floor, and make sure to routinely wipe out your refrigerator, freezer, and shelves. Fix any leaks as soon as you find them, and avoid leaving water sources out overnight.

Under the Bed

Unfortunately, the other place creepy crawlies may love to lurk is under your bed. Most of us don’t clean under our beds regularly, which makes it easy for spiders and other bugs to set up camp. The space there is dark and protected, and they can get access to food and water in the rest of your house.

If you want to avoid bugs living under the bed, make sure to clean it out on a regular basis. When you’re sweeping and vacuuming, take the time to reach under the bed or, better yet, move it out of the way. Wash your sheets regularly, and avoid using dust ruffles, as these can create more hiding places for pests.


At this point, you may not be surprised to learn that closets are another favorite hiding place for all sorts of critters. As with the other hiding places on this list, these spaces offer darkness, lots of nooks and crannies, and relatively few disturbances. Bathroom closets can be a particular favorite since there’s so much easy access to water nearby.

The best way to keep pests out of your closets is to clean them out regularly. You may do a deep cleaning in the spring but aim to at least freshen things up every three to four months. Sweep out corners, shake out coats, and call pest control companies to help you keep pests out.

The Attic

On the subject of the attic, it should come as no surprise that this is probably one of the biggest pest havens in your home. This space offers the ultimate retreat for spiders and other bugs, and there may not be much you can do about this on your own. The real problem is when bigger pests start setting up shop in your attic.

It’s very important that you keep squirrels, mice, rats, raccoons, possums, and other such critters out of your attic. Be sure to close any holes in your roof or eaves, including placing wire mesh over vents and gaps. Inspect your attic at least once a year for signs of pest activity, and call affordable pest control companies to remove any critters that have moved in.

The Garage

The garage offers everything large and small pests look for in a home. Like your closets and attic, these areas are relatively undisturbed and have plenty of nooks and crannies to hide in. This is especially true if you have a lot of boxes, tools, or lumber hanging out in your garage.

Make sure you remove as many entrances into your garage as possible, especially during the colder months. Seal gaps around doors and windows, check the eaves for holes, and close up any cracks in the walls. It’s also a good idea to clean out your garage at least once a year and avoid piling things like lumber and tools on the floor.

Near Appliances

You might be surprised that a lot of smaller pests love to hang out near appliances in your home. Electrical devices give off warmth that can be appealing during the winter months, and outlets can provide a path into your home that you may not know to cut off. Washers, dryers, furnaces, hot water heaters, and even toasters can all become hiding spots for unwanted pests.

Start by placing foam insulating pads behind all your outlet plate covers to keep pests from using them as a highway into your home. You should also clean around these appliances regularly, being sure not to neglect your furnaces and hot water heaters. And, as always, fix any leaks as soon as you see them to cut off these critters’ access to water.

Get Help from the Best Lincoln Pest Control Services

There’s nothing worse than finding pests in your home, and as the weather cools off, you may see more and more of these unwanted guests. Cleaning is your best friend in pest prevention, and it’s important to seal all the gaps and holes you can. And if you really want to make your home a pest-free space, call a good pest control service to protect your house against these critters.

If you’d like to get help from the best Lincoln pest control services, check out the rest of our site at Pegasus Pest Control. We produce peace for your family, period. Contact us today and discover how we go above and beyond to keep your home and business free from disease-carrying pests.