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Here at Pegasus Pest Control we believe in keeping our satisfied customers informed about the potential threats when it comes to pest infestations in their home and business. You will find below a list of articles that we publish every couple of weeks. These articles will focus on the common pests we see in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville. If you want any of your common questions on pests answered you can leave a comment on an article or email us. Additional information on pest control is available on request.

Supermarket Pests: Get Rid Of Them| Pegasus Pest Control

If the first step in proper supermarket pests control is to remove any food that might attract hungry pests, supermarkets already start off at a disadvantage. Between the hundreds of pounds of fresh, delicious food lining the shelves to the bins full of expired goods out in the back, there’s more than enough temptation for the passing pest looking to settle in, and keeping them at bay can be a tricky challenge.   At Pegasus

November 18th, 2019|Categories: Commercial|

Does Your Garden Have Moles? | Pegasus Pest Control

Moles can be a real nuisance when they set up shop in your garden. At best they are annoying and at worst they can leave your plants struggling for life. Learn how to find these pests and let the experts at Pegasus Pest Control keep them off your lawn. Signs Of A Mole In Your Yard The most obvious sign would be if you actually saw a mole with your own eyes. Moles are strange-looking

November 5th, 2019|Categories: Residential|

Preventing Wildlife From Entering Your Home

Living in an urban city doesn’t shield us from all that nature has to offer, nor would we want it to. We love our parks and all the flora and fauna they provide. However, we don’t want to see wildlife that threatens our gardens, homes, or pets. We can live in harmony with our local critters, but first, we need to prevent wildlife from entering our gardens and homes. Our experts at Pegasus Pest Control

October 28th, 2019|Categories: Residential|

Why Fall Pest Control Is So Important

As the season begins to change and fall decorations begin to pop up, Pegasus Pest Control reminds homeowners that a little pest-proofing goes a long way towards protecting your home and your health through the colder months ahead.  Give your home a walk around to see if there are any areas that might be leaving you vulnerable to insects or rodents. With temperatures dropping, many insects and animals will begin to seek shelter for food

October 7th, 2019|Categories: Residential|

How to Keep a Fly Infestation Under Control

In the summertime, flies come out in droves and are one of the most difficult pests to keep away. The warmth of summer seems to bring out the worst in the insect population, with pesky flies invading our home and spoiling the summer mood. Therefore, a fly infestation is more than just a mere nuisance. There are thousands of species of flies and any one of them is capable of spreading disease and bacteria to

October 1st, 2019|Categories: Flies, Uncategorized|

How Pest Professionals Improve Our Quality of Life

It’s easy to take pest control for granted, especially because many people don’t understand the vital role pest professionals play in protecting public health and property from significant pest threats until they experience a pest problem firsthand. A pest control professional can fight bugs that once wreaked havoc and improve your quality of life in the following ways. They Get to the Root of the Problem When treating bug problems on your own, you can’t

September 6th, 2019|Categories: Residential|
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