Subterranean termite treatments provide an enhanced protection zone around your home or business. This is the method of choice for termite control and prevention. We use Termidor®, America’s #1 termiticide. Termidor® is virtually odorless and tasteless to termites. They feast away totally unaware they’ve been exposed and generously expose the entire colony to it. Termidor®, placed below ground around the perimeter of your home, is second to none for superior transfer effect to destroy the entire colony. Non-repellent termiticide is transferred between termites, eliminating the whole colony. Rainfall and irrigation have no affect on this treatment and it’s been real-world proven to ward off infestations for over ten years!

If you’re looking for a more natural or green solution to your termite problem, Altriset® is the only reduced risk termiticide available. Derived from the bark of the South American plant, Ryania Speciosa, it’s the most effective environmentally friendly effective termiticide on the market.

Baiting and Limited Barrier treatments are the most popular and most effective ways to exterminate termite colonies. Together, they eliminate active infestations and block termite return. Our technicians create a barrier at the point of infestation by injecting Termidor® or Altriset® into the soil around your home. Although this is a local treatment, it does provide protection against a return of the termite take-over. We prefer Advance® Termite Bait System to ensure the death of the colony. We strategically place a series of termite bait stations in the ground around your home. Worker termites take the bait and share their leftovers with others, carrying the poison to the whole colony. Although this is an extremely effective approach to ensuring the death of the colony, treating this way alone may be a lengthy process. Bait and barrier together are the best weapons against termites.


Fumigation involves pumping odorless, colorless gas throughout your home, suffocating hidden termite infestations. This is the best option to eliminate drywood termite colonies. Unfortunately, your family and pets have to leave for about three days. Fumigation provides no residual protection, meaning your home and property are not contaminated in any way. However, your home can become re-infested. We offer an annual or extended warranty providing future fumigation if a re-infestation should occur.

Sprays and foams, applied through drilled holes directly into known existing drywood termite galleries, are effective treatements in eliminating the colonies. However, they’re not effective at treating unknown colonies around the home. Re-infestation is more likely since hidden colonies are left untouched.

Although you can find products to treat an infestation on your own, these don’t provide long-lasting results. Pegasus Pest Control uses special equipment and termiticides to eliminate the whole colony. If we don’t, we’ll keep fighting, free of additional charge, until we win! We’ll also make repairs to wood that has been damaged to the point of structural weakness.

Whether you suspect termite infestation in your home or you want the peace of mind a termite inspection brings, you need the expertise of Pegasus Pest Control. We should also be at the top of your list to call before you make a home purchase. Call us to schedule a home inspection before you take ownership of your new home.


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