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Being Visited by Bed Bugs Instead of Love Bugs This Valentines Day?

Are you being visited by bed bugs instead of love bugs this Valentine’s Day?

Bed bugs are one of the most common pests in the United States, especially in Sacramento where our warm climate is ideal for them. A bed bug infestation is not something that you want to deal with, especially when it comes to entertaining or being entertained by another. They are barely visible, yet can become a complete nuisance (and turn off) in almost all situations.

So the big question remains, is your relationship strong enough to withstand an infestation? Can you or your partner overlook the fact that you both could be getting eaten alive at night while embraced in each other’s arms? Can you use this as leverage to win every single argument in the future? And where to go from here? Well let us take a look:

Which one of you has the bed bug infestation?

We would never really recommend starting out a relationship with a screening questionnaire determining if your other half is liable to the odd infestation. It is probably not the most common of icebreakers. But chances are if you have noticed a few of the signs after spending a little time there, chances are they are aware of it (more on that below). While they should come out and say it straight away, it is one of those things that can ruin a relationship before it even gets off the ground. So if you have to do your own research (secretly of course) here is a few things to look for:

  • Do you have bites? A sure sign that something is happening. These will look like flat or raised welts and itch a lot. They can occur anywhere on the body but most commonly on the back, chest, neck, and feet. Look out for multiple bites in a generally straight pattern along the body.
  • Small blood spots on the sheets and linen
  • Rust-colored spots on bedding or furniture from the parasite’s fecal matter
  • Exoskeletons, shells that shed after the critters grow and molt
  • A musty smell that comes from the sweat glands of beg bugs is distinguishable (make sure to check that this is not from a gym bag close by)

If you notice any of these signs it is best to confront your partner, we know there is never an easy way of putting it, but the longer it goes on the more severe the bed bug infestation, resulting in the more difficult the task it will become in ridding yourself of them.

What causes a bed bug infestation?

One of the great myths about bed bugs is that they are attracted to places of filth and uncleanliness. So if your partner has them and it makes little sense to you, their property is always clean when you visit (perhaps they are one of those closet slobs, if left alone they will gladly lie around with pizza boxes everywhere, but turn into Mary Poppins when they know they have visitors) then understand this, bed bugs care very little for the hygiene levels (or lack of) of your other halves property. You can live in the most pristine of conditions and bed bugs can still be present. They are after only one thing: blood.

So how does one’s place get infested if everyone has the one commodity that these little parasitic vampires are after? Bed bugs are excellent travelers, it is easy to overlook them due to their size, but they can latch on to anything. If you visit a place that unknowingly has bed bugs, you are susceptible to carry that infestation with you. Forgive us for putting this in your head but a few common places that are sources of infestations are movie theaters, hotels, and dressing rooms in retail stores. Thinking of spending this Valentine’s Day going to see the latest blockbuster, well try not let us ruin your night. Another way that they can make their way into you or your other halves home is through pets. Although they are not a preferred host choice, they will hitch a ride on them.

How can you prevent the spread of a bed bug infestation?

If your relationship is in the early stages, or you haven’t moved in together yet so moving back and forth is a common occurrence, how do you prevent the spread of beg bugs to your place? Do you need to ban your partner from entering until the problem is resolved? Do you think you could pull off the Hazmat suit? Few people can, but there are ways to prevent the spread of bed bugs. You can follow these tips to not allow the infestation to spread to your home.

  • When staying the night, bring a bag that has a zip and on the inside have a plastic bag. Have your next day clothes sealed away in it.
  • When bringing clothes home from your partners, keep them tied in the plastic bag, and leave it there until you are ready to wash them. For extra precaution, use a new bag each time.
  • Have an over the counter bed bug spray available, always spray the inside of your bag before visiting. (Consider spraying your partner periodically just to remind them of the ordeal that you go through).
  • Purchase a protective mattress and box spring cover that encases both. This will eliminate them from hiding there if some do make the trip with you. Be sure to purchase good quality as once they are there it is very difficult to get them out. They can spread and breed quickly and it won’t be long before you have a colony on your hands.
  • Purchase a small vacuum to have at your front door. This may seem excessive but especially in the first few instances of coming back into your home, you will want to vacuum your coat and luggage. You can never be too careful as it only takes a couple of them to survive the trip before you have an infestation. When emptying the vacuum, make sure to do it outside and directly into the garbage. Inspect and clean the vacuum afterward.
  • Freezing your clothes is not a reliable method for killing bed bugs. So putting your clothes in the freezer after use is not something we would recommend. Cold temperatures do kill them, but it has to be sustained for a period of time, and with no guarantee that they are dead, we know it is not an assured method.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

Bed bugs do not carry diseases, so bites from them cannot harm you more than the actual itch causes. However, you can pick up an infection through secondary diseases. Due to scratching, an open wound is far more susceptible to bacteria and infections. Bed bugs can also cause asthma attacks, as the dust created from their shells/exoskeleton remains can cause reactions.

But here is the thing to consider before you start blaming your partner for not being open about exposing you to this infestation. They may not have been aware that they had one. It is unclear what percentage of the population doesn’t itch at all, which allows infestations to go completely unnoticed until it is too late. If you don’t notice the bites, it is easy to overlook any signs of them.

When do you need professional help?

If there is any sign of an infestation we would recommend getting professional help straight away. Each female can lay 5-7 eggs each week, which can take 10 days to hatch. Before you know it you could have a colony of them in no time. Bed bugs can be extremely stubborn and resilient, not to mention hard to find. Contrary to their name, mattresses and box springs are not the only places that they can reside. Although they will stay close to the food source when the colony grows they will spread to other parts. They will migrate to nightstands, cracks at baseboards or trim around doors and windows, in dressers, curtains, electrical outlets, behind pictures and headboards.  Anywhere dark and secluded that they can lay in wait for their prey.  They have also been known to travel between walls to other bedrooms or even other apartments. So as you can see, a bed bug infestation can become a major issue very quickly.

Can you hold this over your partner for the rest of your relationship?

Finally, the real question we have been waiting for. The answer is absolutely! They complain about you not doing your dishes? BED BUGS! You accidentally discolored some of their clothes in the wash? BED BUGS! You forgot to pick up your mother in law from the airport and it has been 3 days already? BED BUGS! Although this might be a foolproof way of winning every disgruntlement, it may lead to you being single by the time the next Valentines Day comes around but hey, at least you had the upper hand!*

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(*Disclaimer: we actually promote forgiveness, why not give us a quick call and let us rid you of these anti-cupids so that your relationship has room to blossom).