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Commercial Pest Control

Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville

Sacramento’s mild climate makes a perfect home for pests of all sizes. Commercial buildings feature many small crevices, making perfect hiding places for most pests. Commercial buildings are generally larger than homes and most business owners have neither the energy nor the patience to exterminate unwanted pests from buildings. California’s strict health codes make it imperative for business owners to maintain a safe environment for clients, tenants, and employees. Retail and restaurant owners are especially vulnerable.

Don’t waste precious time trying to fight a losing battle by yourself. Call Pegasus Pest Control to wage war on your pest problem. We use the latest advances in reduced risk control material to offer customized solutions to quickly eradicate stubborn pest infestations from your buildings.

We offer regular commercial pest control services, like pest monitoring, ant and roach control, and customized rodent control, to help keep your business free of pests year round. These services can be scheduled around your business hours to meet your individual needs.

Our pest inspection helps you understand the most vulnerable access points where most pests can enter and we plug those points. We educate you on habit modification and provide guidance for retailers and restaurants to help keep pests from entering food preparation areas. You’ll never worry again about pests getting in the way of a good health inspection. You can read why it is a good reason to have frequent WDO inspections in your premises here.

Increase earning potential at your rental properties by offering a pest-free living environment. Our annual commercial pest control service ensures pest-free living year after year, tenant after tenant. Our price makes it a most valuable investment into your business. You can call us on (888) 885-5017 or submit an online application form here.