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The Pharaoh Ant is a tiny household pest in Sacramento that can have severe negative consequences to our homes if left to their own devices. They are roughly 1/16th inch long (2mm) and have a light yellow to red shade, with black markings on the abdomen. They are mistaken sometimes for the Thief Ant however the main difference is that the latter has a two-segmented antennal club, compared to the Pharaoh Ants three-segmented antennal club. A fun fact about the Pharaoh Ant, the name is said to derive from them possibly being one of the plagues of ancient Egypt. Its origins are said to be from Africa, but it can be found worldwide now.

Pharaoh Ant | How To Get Rid Of Ants | Pegasus Pest Control

Where Do You Find The Pharaoh Ant?

Pharaoh Ants are acclimatized to warm and humid areas and are found in a diverse range of areas in your home and commercial properties. There are only two states predominantly that the Pharaoh Ant can survive outside all year round, which is the subtropical climates of Florida and Hawaii. But here in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville, they will more than likely be residing in your home or building. The most common places that you will see them are the kitchen and bathrooms (where there is an adequate supply of water). They can be spotted foraging on countertops, toilets, sinks, and around drains. They can be seen traveling through electrical wiring and plumbing, a means to get from room to room. They can also reside in baseboards, hollow shower poles and curtain holders, in between stacked sheets of paper/newspaper, folded clothes and bedsheets, and wall and cabinet voids.

What Threats Do Pharaoh Ants Pose?

Pharaoh ants do pose a significant threat to all around it, especially when it comes to dispersing diseases. They have been known to be one of the most difficult household pests to get rid of.

Pharaoh Ants And Humans

Pharaoh Ants and humans do not mix well. Unlike the carpenter ant, they do not have the ability to bite humans, or even to threaten the structural integrity of both residential and commercial properties. Unless they damage your electrical wiring. Pharaoh ants love to nest in junction boxes as they are warm and secluded. But this can cause electrical damage and power surges, which can result in electrical fires or power outages. But Pharaoh Ants do carry diseases with them, and can contaminate food. Due to their size they also have the uncanny ability to “get into anything”. They have been known to infest highly secure DNA laboratories and hospitals. This can be especially hazardous to people, as newborns and immune depleted victims are more susceptible to the pathogens (like Salmonella) that these little pests can carry. Shockingly, they have even been caught gathering moisture from the mouths of newborn babies and easily accessible IV drips.

For commercial pest control issues, Pharaoh Ants can have a significant impact on local businesses that are based in the food and hospitality industry. As they are constantly sourcing out food and water, they can easily spoil and contaminate the products in bakeries, professional kitchens, and bars. Receiving an negative online review for your bed and breakfast business for an ant infestation is also a sure sign of going bust. So from an experienced commercial pest control company, if you see any sign of a Pharaoh Ant infestation you need to call us as soon as possible.

How Did I Get Pharaoh Ants?

If you have food or water available and out in the open than this can easily result in you getting Pharaoh Ants in your home or commercial building. These common household pests do not wait for invitations. As they are so small, they can generally squeeze in tiny cracks in the wall, through the foundation, and even through the screens covering your windows and doors. Once they are in it is considered by many professional pest control technicians as the most difficult pest to get rid of indoors, which we will see why shortly.

What Does A Pharaoh Ant Eat?

Pharaoh ants eat pretty much anything that is available to them. But their preference is in sweet, fatty, or oily foods such as honey, peanut butter, baked goods, and even other insects. It is advisable to have food locked airtight if you think you might have a Pharaoh Ant infestation. Even leaving crumbs on a counter top could result in a trail of worker ants scouring it out. Once a worker ant has found a food source, they will leave behind a chemical trail from food to nest, allowing others to follow it.

What Are The Signs Of A Pharaoh Ant Infestation?

Unlike the Carpenter Ant that leaves sure signs of their presence, whether it is through the scuttling sounds in the wall at night, and little ant frass piles under entry tubes in the wall, the only sign of a Pharaoh Ant infestation is spotting their workers out in trails coming back and forth from a food source. Their colonies shift frequently, and are usually found in secluded places away from food sources. They don’t mind traveling long distances for food. They also only mate within their colony nests, so an ant reproduction swarm is not something you will encounter with the Pharaoh Ant.

How Do I Get Rid Of Pharaoh Ants?

In our opinion, this is the most difficult household pest to exterminate for a number of reasons. If you suspect you have a Pharaoh Ant infestation you should call a local pest control company quickly. Here is why it is difficult to get rid of Pharaoh Ants:

Multiple Pharaoh Queen Ants

Pharaoh Ants have multiple queens in their colony so it is not possible to target the queen and kill the colony at the source. It is possible that for the untimely death of a queen, the ants can nominate and create another female to take the place and resume reproduction.

Pharaoh Ant Budding Colonies

If you use a repellent spray or anything that will cause the ants to stress, they will split their colony into multiple facets and infest other areas. They can be quick to deploy this method and once it has happened you will be dealing with multiple nests. This makes the job of exterminating ants that much harder.

Pharaoh Ant Worker Habits

While foraging it is estimated that only about 5% of the colony is out on their food sourcing missions at any given time. So simply eliminating them as they appear will not do much good, as you are only affecting a small portion of the colony, and sending signals to the rest that they are under attack, resulting in the “budding” mentioned above.

Pharaoh Ant Pest Management

The correct way to rid your home or commercial building from Pharaoh Ants is to use bait stations. Depending on the size of the property being treated, and the estimate of how many colonies are present the Pharaoh Ant extermination process can take a long time. An experienced pest control technician will need to survey the interior, locate the common trails that the worker ants frequent, and strategically place ant bait stations along them. This will require a lot of patience from the owners, as the reproduction process of Pharaoh Ants are quick (an egg can become an adult within 38 days so you need to make sure you are killing them quicker than they are reproducing).

Pharaoh Ant Exterminators in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville

If you have noticed a any of the above mentioned signs of a Pharaoh Ant infestation around your home we would highly recommend you give us a call toll free on (888) 885-5017. Or you can submit our online contact form. The longer you leave these pests undisturbed the more difficult it will be to rid your home of them. Don’t hesitate, call our ant extermination team today!