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Have You Encountered Swarming Termites in Elk Grove?

As you may have noticed we at Pegasus Pest Control have taken a proactive approach to inform our customers and potential customers of the cause and effects of swarming termites in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville. We have recently started a pest control blog with helpful tips that could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Due to the many phone calls we have taken in this period of time from homeowners and landlords inquiring about our services, we have also taken the time to answer the frequently asked questions and concerns that they have about our residential and commercial pest control services. If there is any of these questions that don’t help you with your current problem simply leave a comment below, or better yet you can call us on our toll-free number on (888) 885-5017 and we will be happy to help. So here are some of the FAQ’s when it comes to swarming termites (or flying termites) in the greater Sacramento area.

What Is A Termite Swarm?

As we have already explained in a previous post a termite swarm is how termites spread to other areas of interest in order to start brand new colonies. So when do termites swarm? Well, it occurs when the current termite colony reaches maturity (usually when they are approximately in the 3 million marks, although it is not an exact science). A typical home may easily have three to four colonies situated under or around it, with as many as 1 million subterranean termites per colony.

What Is The Time Of Year Termite Swarms Occur In Elk Grove?

Termites do have favorable conditions when they decide to swarm. Unfortunately for us based in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville, it is usually when the weather starts to get warm, following a period of rain. It is for this reason that homeowners and landlords need to be extra vigilant when it comes to noticing the signs of a termite swarm in Elk Grove. We are currently coming to the end of our region’s termite swarm period but it is not too late to impede these pesky little guys, you can call us today for a free pest control inspection if you notice any of the signs mentioned below.

Do Termites Die When They Swarm?

It is true that the swarming period is a short window. Swarming termites will drop and die in a short period of time if they don’t find suitable habitats to occupy. Even though they disperse in different directions upon swarming, you are more than likely to find a clump of them that didn’t survive the process. Vacuuming them up is the best way to rid them, although if you are concerned that there have been successful expeditions you should keep the bag and call us immediately. Letting us identify them will help in our inspection, and noting the area in which they were found will give us a good indication of what areas to check for while carrying out a WDO inspection. If you aren’t aware of what a WDO inspection in Elk Grove looks like, check out our previous post so that you are well informed of what it entails.

Do Swarming Termites Bite?

We know that termite populations can cause serious damage to our home. A report we regularly get sent has the total cost of damages to these guys as $5 billion annually across the US. But even though they can cause severe damage to your home, they are generally not known for biting humans, as opposed to our little friends – bed bugs. Now that is not to say that they won’t if they are provoked. Soldier termites have the ability with their large mouths to bite humans if handled incorrectly (we don’t condone handling termites in any way shape or form). They definitely bite into the wood, and because they are highly territorial creatures they will attack and bite other insects (a common nemesis for termites is the carpenter ants – an ongoing battle for superiority). The good news for you is that unlike termite soldiers who spend their entire lives hidden from sight, termite swarmer’s (or alates for the technical term) do not eat wood, bite, or sting, they are simply an off-putting nuisance. Flying termites are not ones to cause structural damage to your property, but they are able to start colonies in new areas that can have a negative exponential effect.

Do Swarming Termites Cause Damage In Elk Grove?

As we have just mentioned but really want to get our point across, termite swarmers in Elk Grove do not contribute directly to the demise of your property. They have no biting or chewing mouthparts. Their main goal is to spread and produce new colonies.

How Much Does It Cost To Treat A House For Termites?

We have been in business since 1993 and have dealt with different levels of termite infestations throughout that time. All infestations are different so the cost of a termite treatment service differs all the time due to the extent of work needed. Upon our initial WDO inspection, we will provide a figure but we have found that upon inspecting and treating a property, the job required is sometimes larger than what we initially perceived. But fear not, the figure we provide upon the inspection is the final price, if there is a larger job required we cover that at our own cost. That is why through the pest inspection process we are as thorough as possible. If you haven’t realized by now, even leaving one termite colony alone in your home will result in more popping up. Termites are relentless, they work 24 hours a day, and the rate of their reproduction means that a small colony of a few thousand can quickly turn into over a million, which will result in another termite swarm in house, and a re-infestation of the areas we already treated. Don’t wait around call us on (888) 885-5017 for a free pest control inspection in Elk Grove now.

What Attracts Swarming Termites In The House?

Termite’s goals are simple, to feed and breed. What they are after is the cellulose that is found in wood. Because we live in California, predominantly housing is built with a wooden structure. Subterranean termites prefer dark and moist places. They come up through the soil in your home, which allows easy passage, and can easily find places that are undisturbed. Drywood termites, although they don’t come from the soil that your home is usually built on, can easily find your way through swarming as well. The rich nutrients in the wood are perfect grounds to reside. Termites can’t digest the wood directly. The protozoa that live in their gut break down the cellulose into simpler compounds for the termites to absorb.

What Are The Signs Of Termites In Your Home?

If you are suspicious that your home could be under attack here are some signs of a termite infestation in Elk Grove:

Termite Shelter Tubes
Subterranean Tunnels
Blowholes in Tree’s Surrounding Your Home
Termite Noises and Wood Excavation
Small Piles of Termite Frass (Termite Feces) Near Small Holes (Tubes)
Presence of Wings That Have Been Shed
Sagging Floors and Door/Window Frames
Hollow Wood (distinct hollow thud when tapped)

Can Termites Eat Through Concrete?

This is one of the most common questions we come across in our line of work. People often think that because their home is built on concrete that they are not vulnerable to termite infestations. The truth is that even though termites do not eat concrete, nor can they damage it, they have the ability to squeeze through tiny cracks that can be only one sixty-fourth (1/64) of an inch. So concrete slabs and basement foundations are some of the most susceptible structures for subterranean termites to find a passage through.

Can Termites In Your House Make You Sick?

Although we have said that termites generally do not bite or sting, soldier termites do have the ability to. But these wounds are not toxic. Termites are also not known to carry diseases that are harmful to humans either. But much like the bed bugs, they can have a negative allergic reaction to humans nearby. Eating away at wood can increase dust in the air, which can be dangerous if not attended to. So if you find yourself or a loved one coughing more frequently around your house you should call us immediately for a free pest control inspection.

Do Termites Die When Exposed To Sunlight?

Subterranean termites essentially need moisture to survive. They will also die when exposed to sunlight within minutes if they do not find suitable nesting spots while swarming. So you need to be aware that this process can only last a few minutes, so vigilance is required. Termite tunnels protect them from the elements, especially the high temperatures that are found in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville. For subterranean termites, high moisture areas like basements are very attractive and can serve as starting points for an infestation. Once they are in termites can infest any part of your home, including wood trim, skirting boards, door/window frames, and even picture frames.

Can Termites Be Carried On Clothing?

As this is the preferred mode of transport for bed bugs and carpenter ants, it is a common assumption that termites use humans and pets to get into our homes. Since termites can be wrongly identified as carpenter ants to the untrained eye it is assumed that they can travel in similar means. Subterranean termites (the most common type found in northern California) prefer being underground and don’t usually survive long outside of this habitat. Since they live underground except for the brief period while swarming, hitching a ride on your clothing and apparel is highly unlikely.

Do Termites Eat Your Clothes?

When looking for signs of a termite infestation in Elk Grove, few people look for damage to clothes in order to identify it. The truth is that if there is a sustainable source of food on the other side of the fabric, termites won’t think twice about eating through it. If you notice small holes in your clothes, upholstery in your furniture, or curtains that are against a wall you should call us immediately. Carpenter ants, termites, and other WDO’s could be the cause.

Termites Control Services by Pegasus Pest Control

Termites Control Services by Pegasus Pest Control

Termite Control in Sacramento

We hope that the above has answered some of the questions you might have had when it comes to swarming termites in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville. If you have noticed any of the signs of a termite infestation, or evidence of swarming termites around your home call us for a free residential pest control inspection on (888) 885-5017