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Family Owned & Operated since 1993

Since 1993, family-owned and operated Pegasus Pest Control has been keeping homes free of damaging pests and giving homeowners peace of mind. There is nothing more satisfying to us than solving the difficult problem of pest control for families.

Pests aren’t our passion, people are. You’re the only reason we’re in business. We strive to make that a reality with every client. We work hard to earn your trust and we won’t violate it by doing anything that is unsafe, illegal, or will place you or our company in jeopardy.

We care about you and proudly provide a public health service by keeping your homes and businesses free from disease-carrying pests.

We’re dedicated to

  • Protecting the health and well being of our communities
  • Being the most professional pest control services firm possible
  • Respecting clients and fellow employees equally
  • Maintaining the most progressive services possible

Our organizational values:

  • We trust and respect individuals.
  • We focus on high levels of achievement and contributions from our employees.
  • We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity.
  • We believe in ongoing training to maintain the most progressive service to our clients.
  • We achieve our common objectives through teamwork.
  • We encourage flexibility and innovation while never losing sight of our objectives.

The Pegasus Pest Control Guarantee

People First

Pegasus Pest Control puts PEOPLE first! We offer outstanding value to our clients. Here at Pegasus Pest Control, we always remember that our clients are the reason we are in business. We have your and your family’s best interests at heart and we show it through the time and care we take with each in-home appointment. Our helpful associates are always happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you have during the course of your home’s treatment. You will definitely find our staff to be punctual, knowledgeable, professional, and very friendly.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Fully bonded and licensed with the state of CA, we’ve been recognized for our professional and knowledgeable practices. From beginning to end, our highly qualified technicians take the time to listen to your concerns and educate you about your pest problems, as well as discuss ways to eliminate them and prevent their friends from coming back.

The Pegasus Pest Control Guarantee, Pest Control Company in Sacramento, Pegasus Pest Control

Pegasus Pest Guarantee

We guarantee your home will be free of ants, fleas, earwigs, spiders, rats, mice, roaches beetles, fabric pests, black widows, stored food pests, silverfish, crickets, and many other annoying and potentially harmful pests. Pegasus Pest Control puts PEOPLE first and sends pests packing.

If you find them, we'll take care of them.

The Pegasus Process

The Pegasus Process


Pest management relies on science and keeping up with new discoveries. Integrated pest management, or IPM, emphasizes the responsible use of pest control materials with the least impact on the environment. This science leads us to use many forms of reduced risk control material that limit various biological functions of the pest like reproduction, hydration, and respiration. Fortunately for you, many of these methods are the most economical.


Set Action Threshold

We use this to determine how much is too much. In agricultural situations, a small population of pests may be acceptable, but inside even one is too many. One generally indicates a larger population is hiding. Stronger, more immediate methods of control are necessary, but the IPM approach prevents the infestation cycle from starting over after the acute infestation is under control.

Monitor and Identify Pests

Not all insects are pests. Some are harmless and even beneficial, especially in your garden. IPM monitors for pests and identifies them accurately so appropriate control decisions are made. Monitoring and identification help prevent the use of unnecessary or wrong pesticides.


In our evaluation and inspection, we show you how IPM programs help you manage your environment and prevent pests from becoming a threat, giving you peace of mind.


Once we determine pest control is required, and preventative methods are no longer effective, we then evaluate the most economical, effective, and risk-free control method. The least risky pest controls are chosen first. We use methods that target specific life functions of the pest, such as pheromones to disrupt reproduction, or mechanical controls such as trapping. Then if needed, targeted spraying of plant-based pesticides might be used. Wider or “broadcast” spraying of more toxic chemicals is only used as a last resort when absolutely necessary.

Service Area

Based in Sacramento, CA, we proudly serve five counties including Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, San Joaquin, and Sacramento. 

Service Area, Based in Sacramento, CA, we proudly serve five counties including Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, San Joaquin, and Sacramento.

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