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Argentine Ants | 9 Points On Argentine Ants by Pegasus Pest Control

Argentine Ants and Aphids What are Argentine Ants? Argentine ants are an invasive species of ant that is found in and around our homes in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville. They take over from native species of ants in an aggressive manner and are a massive problem when it comes to residential and commercial pest control services. They are the dominant ant in Northern California, and are only 2-3mm in length with a

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Different Types Of Ants In Sacramento | Ant Control Service

Ant Control Service in Sacramento | Pegasus Pest Control It is moving towards the end of termite swarming season in Sacramento so we have decided to shift our focus to another of the most common household pests in our area: ants. There is not much worse than entering your kitchen during the day to find a trail of ants going back and forth from a piece of food left in the open to an unforeseen

Have You Encountered Swarming Termites Recently?

Have You Encountered Swarming Termites in Elk Grove? As you may have noticed we at Pegasus Pest Control have taken a proactive approach to informing our customers and potential customers to the cause and effects of swarming termites in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville. We have recently started a blog with helpful tips that could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Due to the many phone calls we have taken in this

Why You Need Commercial Pest Control Services in Sacramento CA

Why Commercial Pest Control Should Be Taken Seriously When we hear of pest control a lot of people automatically think that it is relating to residential properties. But a lot of the time this is not the case. Pest control for your home is important. After all it is the place that you and your loved ones reside in for the majority of the time. But have you thought about the safety in your place

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Termite Treatment | 7 Common Questions We Are Asked

7 Common Questions About Termite Treatments We have gone into great detail recently on all things termites. But when it comes to termite control in Elk Grove, Sacramento, & Roseville you can never have enough information. As we have already discussed in our recent blog about termite swarms (which you can read here) now is the time of year when colonies of termites spread and expand. This period, known as swarming usually happens at times

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12 Facts About A Termite Swarm You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know

12 Facts About A Termite Swarm You Didn’t Know You Needed To Know We all know that nobody has ever been happy about having termites present in their home. Around this time of the year in Sacramento you will see a termite swarm increase throughout the area. But do they get a bad reputation just for doing what they were made to do? Here we take a look at 12 interesting facts about a termite

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