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Pigeons. Find out why Pegasus Pest Control is recognized as the Best Pigeon Exclusion Experts in Sacramento and Northern California

Pigeon Control in Sacramento, CA

Pegasus Pest Control prides itself on creating healthy, safe homes and businesses with our pigeon control services in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville, CA. We remove nesting sites, prevent roosting on window ledges and gutters, we’ll even clean up pigeon droppings. Our bird certified technicians have extensive training and experience in humane pigeon control to offer optimum service at a competitive price.

How To Get Rid Of Pigeons

Live Pigeon Traps

Attracted by food bait, pigeons enter through a one-way entrance and become trapped. Trapped pigeons can then be carried away. The risk, however, is that pigeons may find their way back and others will join them.

Pigeon Exclusion Devices

Pigeon spikes, bird netting, wires, and electrified wires are among the most popular option for pigeon control. Spikes that angle out from a base to which they are attached, like a ledge, make it impossible for pigeons to land. This is the least expensive and most effective method of pigeon removal.

Pigeon Deterrent

These, used with exclusion devices, are also popular ways of controlling your pigeon population. Some deterrents include a mechanical speaker that plays a variety of predatory bird sounds. A pigeon that hears hawk calls will avoid that area for a long time. A sticky gel can be laid down anywhere, making it very unpleasant for the birds to land in an area. They learn to avoid that place so as not to become entrapped.

Why Do You Need Pigeon Removal Services?

No one wants to be welcomed to your business by a flock of pigeons and their droppings. Pigeons have perfectly adapted to our human environments. Your building offers perfect roosts giving them easy access to food and shelter. City life has proven beneficial to pigeons since high human presence wards off natural predators. Besides creating an unsightly mess, pigeons can carry up to 60 different diseases and parasites and can become a breeding ground for bird mites. Their droppings are highly corrosive, destroying window frames and ledges.

Pigeon Control Services in Sacramento, CA

At Pegasus Pest Control we understand the worries that having a pigeon problem can cause when it comes to residential and commercial properties. When it comes to food establishments, pigeons and their droppings can be particularly detrimental to business and prosperity. If you need a professional pigeon removal company to help get rid of these winged critters, call us today toll-free at (888) 885-5017.

Pigeon Control Services in Sacramento, CA