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Your home is your castle and should be the place you go for peace. It’s hard to be at peace, though, when your home is under attack from outdoor invaders. You’ve worked hard for your home and you don’t intend to include creepy crawlies and critters as roommates!

Pegasus Pest Control will send those pesky pests packing! We’ll do a full inspection of your home to find the pests’ point of entry and shut them out. We’ll also spray around the perimeter of your home to create a barrier against invasion. Shrubs and vegetation around your home are also treated so you can enjoy peaceful living inside and out. Our highly trained certified technicians thoroughly inspect your property to identify pest entry points, conditions that invite pests to move in and address other concerns. We work together with you to develop a plan of attack that gets rid of your pests while taking care of the residents who belong in your home.

Spiders, ants, roaches, silverfish, crickets – no pest stands a chance when Pegasus comes to the rescue! You won’t worry about whatever dread disease comes with pests because your house will be protected inside and out. Don’t let your pets become an all-you-can-eat buffet for fleas. We’ll treat your yard so your pets can play in peace.

One-time treatment may be ideal for a temporary living situation or for those preparing to move and don’t want pests scaring buyers away. But because the Sacramento area enjoys a mild climate year round, you’ll see pests year round, as well. Family owned and operated, Pegasus Pest Control offers a one year service agreement. Customers who enter into this agreement get premier service from us with bi-monthly pest control services. We offer a 100% guarantee that you will live in peace without pests or we’ll come back until they’re gone.

Residential Pest Control Service Includes:

Free Pest Inspection

Eliminating the pests you see isn’t enough. We’ll carefully inspect your home and property to locate entry points and nests and exterminate them at their source.

Targeted Pest Treatment

Pest removal isn’t generic. There isn’t one treatment for every kind of pest. We fully inspect your property and analyze treatment options, using targeted applications specifically for the pests you want to evict.

Property Cleaning

We’ll remove spider webs from the outside of your home, as well as play structures, sheds, fences, and entertainment areas. Your house won’t be the creepy one on the block anymore.

Pest Prevention

Whenever we discover conditions conducive for pests to invade, we’ll report those to you and offer guidance about how to change those to eliminate the possibility of a future infestation.

Premier Customer Service

You’ll get a detailed explanation about the services we provided either in person or over the phone. You’ll know exactly what we’ve done to eliminate and prevent pest invasions.

Free Emergency Pest Service

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, those pests still get in. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle your pest emergencies.

Pegasus Pest Control - Sacramento Pest Control Company

Pegasus Puts People First

We didn’t get into this business because we like insects. We did it because we like people and we believe people deserve to live in peace without sharing their living spaces with critters. We know that you’re the only reason we’re in business. We work hard to establish and keep a relationship built on trust with our customers. When we’re on the job in your home, we’re respectful of your property and its contents. We want to partner with you to make your home your castle once again. You can also find helpful advice about residential pest control by visiting our blog here.

We’ve been on Angie’s List for 12 years and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

“Best customer service by far. They are great to work with and the service technician always contacted me directly if needed. I had them do a couple extra things once in a while and without question they took care of my needs. I highly recommend these guys for anyone needed pest control service.” – Todd M.

SPECIAL: $100 Off Any Termite Treatment

SPECIAL: $100 Off Any Termite Treatment

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After booking, you’ll receive confirmation of all future or regular service via email, postcard, or phone call.

  • First-time customers only. 
  • Basic one-year service agreement required
  • All typical Pests except the following are covered under this agreement – bed bugs, termites, flying insects (flies, and mosquitoes, etc.) agricultural insects (aphids and whiteflies, etc).