Termite Control in Sacramento

Termite Control in Sacramento, CA

Pegasus Pest Control is the best termite control company in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville. We provide a thorough inspection of your home from top to bottom to find termites and other wood destroying organisms (WDO's). We know the signs of a termite infestation and know where to look. If your home is hosting a termite colony, we’ll find it and send those pests packing!

Termites Invading Your Home?

Here in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville, termites can cause major problems in our residential and commercial properties. Termites are tricky. They feast on your home out of sight, tunneling through wood and destroying the framework of your home. But wood isn’t all they eat. They love cellulose-based materials, including carpet, furniture and paper! They develop colonies, made up of many tens of thousands of termites enjoying the hospitality of your home, costing you a fortune in repairs and dramatically lowering the value of your house. They’re hard to detect until you finally see the evidence of their banquet – tiny holes they’ve burrowed through your wood. By the time you see that, you can be sure they’ve been feasting their way through your house for years. The only way to get rid of termites is hiring an experienced pest control company near you!

Common Types of Termites


The following are the common species that are located near you:

Drywood Termites

The Western Drywood Termite and the Desert Drywood Termite

Dampwood Termites

The Desert Dampwood Termite and the Pacific Dampwood Termite

Subterranean Termites

The Western Subterranean Termite

Pegasus Pest Control

Termite Swarms in Sacramento, CA

While some types of termites have wings, most termites live in the wood in order to colonize without having to travel far for food. However, there are times when these winged varieties of termites will fly in a swarm, usually during the reproduction cycle.

Good News: termites that swarm die naturally within a short time period.

Bad News: termite swarms indicate a larger pest problem you can’t see, and evidence of a colony actively munching away at the structure of a building.

Exterminating Termite Swarms

If you see a termite swarm, call us right away, and if possible collect a sample of the swarm. Collecting some of the swarming termites helps your exterminator determine what kind of termite is taking advantage of your hospitality.

Once a swarm is detected, it’s impossible to treat without professional help. Our technicians use their building construction expertise to find points of infestation. Termite treatment may include drilling to reach the area of infestation. Strategic application of termiticide kills termites and prevents future termite family reunions. We use specialized equipment to exterminate a termite colony responsible for or producing the swarm.

Termite Treatment in Sacramento, CA

Termites are a dangerous pest to allow to run around your home unaccounted for. We have come across many residential and commercial properties that have had such extensive damage inflicted on them they have become uninhabitable. If you think you might have a termite infestation you need to call us immediately. The technicians at Pegasus Pest Control have the knowledge and expertise to find and rid your home of these little critters. You can check out our Termite Treatment Options so you’re aware of the work that goes in to this extermination process. Call us now toll-free at (888) 885-5017. You can find additional contact information here.