A Guide to the Worst Pests in Sacramento, CA | Part 2

Continuing on from our last piece (The Worst Pests in Sacramento, CA Part 1) we will check out which contenders remain for the title of the Worst Pest in Sacramento! Here is the rest of the list of nightmarish applicants that you will find in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville, CA by Pegasus Pest Control.

A Guide to the Worst Pests in Sacramento, CA | Part 2

Black Widow Spider

There is a reason the Black Widow Spider makes this list. Due to its cannibalistic nature, being one of the main reasons why arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias in the world, and it being a danger to humans is why this infamous predator makes the list! In Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville we have to deal with Black Widow Spiders regularly. A solitary creature, the Black Widow Spider only results in an infestation if the female has given birth. But even then, the many can turn into the few quite quickly due to their cannibalistic nature. Black Widow Spiders are dangerous to humans. Their venom can inflict serious damage, especially to the young or elderly, as their immune systems might not be as strong to withstand spider venom. However terrifying as the creatures of darkness can be, they are not aggressive. A Black Widow Spider will only attack if provoked. The problem with this is that they can become provoked completely by accident. As they like to set up camp in quiet parts of the home like under cabinets, in shoes, storage boxes, or secluded corners of basements and attics, the slightest disturbance could be interpreted as an attack. If you’ve been bitten by a Black Widow Spider we would advise that you seek professional medical attention straight away. You can’t be too careful when it comes to these nightmare pests!


Another one that falls under the category of disgusting pests that people don’t feel too fondly about! Rats found in commercial and residential properties are common occurrences in Sacramento, especially during the winter months when the temperatures drop, and they seek shelter.

Why are Rats bad?

Rats are troublesome pests to have because they carry diseases that can be highly detrimental to nearby humans. They have the ability to contaminate food and are a nightmare for business owners in the hospitality sector. One review from a disgruntled customer that mentions a rat infestation is enough to tank an entire business. Rats are not only dangerous when it comes to spreading disease, they can also be vicious creatures. With sharp claws and teeth, they can inflict damage to humans as well if they feel they or their young are in danger. If you really want to be grossed out check out this story about what happened to a former professional soccer player when his vacation was cut short due to a rat infestation. Rats are also notorious breeders, their numbers can multiply quickly so if you have a rat infestation in Sacramento, you’re better off dealing with the problem ASAP. Call Pegasus Pest Control at (888) 885-5017 now and one of our highly effective rat exterminators will be out to inspect your property.


This might sound a little far-fetched when it comes to placing pigeons on the list for worst pests in Sacramento. But hear us out before you decide. Pigeons are a troublesome pest, especially when it comes to commercial property owners. The problem with a pigeon infestation is that it is hard to deter them or get rid of them yourself. If they come under attack, they will simply fly off to a point that is not reachable to any property owner.

What problems do Pigeons cause?

They aren’t dangerous to humans, they won’t attack young children so why are they a problem? Pigeons in some quarters are referred to as rats with wings! They carry an abundance of diseases and their droppings can be a deterrent to any potential customers passing by. This is especially true if your business is in the food industry and there are seating arrangements outside for people to enjoy the warm Sacramento climate. So how can Pegasus Pest Control help with pigeons? We have a number of pigeon deterrents that can help keep your property pigeon-free and your customers happy. Give us a call at (888) 885-5017 now for one of our technicians to come out and inspect your property.

Argentine Ants

The is our final ant entrant into the list for worst pests in Sacramento. There is a reason that the Argentine Ant finds its way onto this prestigious list. A highly invasive creature, the Argentine Ant can be found on all continents on earth except for Antarctica. Measuring only 2-3mm in length you would hardly expect a pest this size to be a notorious invader, however this ant is highly aggressive and usually outnumbers other native species. That calls for one course of action: total annihilation of the enemy.

Why are Argentine Ants a Problem in Sacramento?

They pose serious threats to native wildlife and humans alike. They consume every type of food source that gets in their path, which can be detrimental to food production and any species that has the misfortune of being on that path. Argentine Ants have been known to drive out common pests in Sacramento like yellow jackets wasps, all types of termites, and any other species of ants found. They have even teamed up with separate colonies of Argentine Ants to decimate a common foe. While this can be seen as a positive if these ants take out any species that pose structural damage to your home, the negatives far outweigh the benefits of having them present. Argentine Ants are difficult to get rid of because they are constantly on the move. They also have multiple queens in their colony, so attempting to kill one through the bait method would not suffice. An experienced ant control expert like us have proven to be able to track and exterminate this fearsome foe. Call us at (888) 885-5017 now for an Argentine Ant exterminator!

Drywood Termites

The final applicant on the worst pests in Sacramento list. The Drywood Termite needs little introduction as many homes and commercial buildings in California have been left ravaged by this nightmarish pest. Drywood Termites feast on cellulose and dead matter, mainly in the form of wood. Due to their size in colony (they have usually 3 million members per colony) they can discreetly eat away at the inner workings of your home without you even knowing about it. They are not big enough to inflict damage directly on humans (not like the large Carpenter Ant), but they can make buildings and homes uninhabitable if left unattended. The signs of a termite infestation are the small scuttling sounds within walls, accompanied by tube holes. These usually have small piles of frass (termite droppings) that are deposited outside. Once you get termites in your home it is almost impossible to get rid of them by yourself. You will need expert termite exterminators to free your home from these structurally annihilating pests. Call Pegasus Pest Control at (888) 885-5017 now if you want a free termite inspection in your home or commercial building!

We hope you enjoyed our 2-part series on the Worsts pests in Sacramento. If you think we missed any that you would like to see brought to light, email us at office@pegasuspest.com. Be sure to visit our Facebook page to vote on the worst pest in Sacramento. Become a fan of Pegasus Pest Control and have your say on which applicant is worthy enough to hold the crown of Worst Pest in Sacramento!