How to Attract Women: Love Lessons from a Wolf Spider

What if we were to tell you that all of the men in the world can learn the most intrinsically valuable lesson about attracting women from the much-feared Wolf Spider? It sounds a little bit far-fetched, right? But it is true, the male Wolf Spider is in mortal danger when it comes to finding a mate for a number of reasons. While we at Pegasus Pest Control are not known for our matchmaking abilities, when studying the common spiders that are present in California, we can’t help but have a new-found sense of respect when we learned what these large eight-legged terrors do for love (or lust). But first, let’s find out a little more about them before delving into what is commonly referred to as the Wolf Spider Paradox.

How to Attract Women: Love Lessons from a Wolf Spider

What Are Wolf Spiders?

Wolf Spiders are one of the largest species of spiders that we find here in Sacramento. It is because of their size that they incite fear on another level when compared to smaller (but often times deadlier) spiders.

What do Wolf Spiders Look Like?

They are rather large, ranging from ½ inch to 1 ½ inch in the body with 8 long hairy legs, creating the impression of being much larger. They have 8 eyes in 3 rows and are usually grey to light brown in color. Their prominent fangs can be just as intimidating as the rest of their bodies.

Where did the Wolf Spider Get Its Name?

The Wolf Spider gets its name because of its habits when looking for prey. Spiders, in general, like to ambush their prey, spinning webs as traps for the unsuspecting insects nearby. But the Wolf Spider is different. Much like wolves, it will stalk and hunt its prey during the night. They are extremely quick and agile, so catching prey is not difficult for them. The Wolf Spider does not spin webs.

How Did I Get Wolf Spiders in my Home?

Wolf Spiders are found on all continents except Antarctica. They can survive in almost all climates, but they prefer the warm dry conditions that are found in Sacramento, CA. During the summer they can survive in fields, gardens, and anywhere where there are plenty of insects to eat and ground capable of being burrowed into. But during the winter months, they will try to get inside your home to escape the cold. Be sure to keep your windows closed or have protective screens intact that will prohibit their entry.

Are Wolf Spiders Dangerous?

The Wolf Spider is dangerous but only if provoked. It does pack a venomous bite but is not aggressive. They will inflict a nasty bite on humans that get too close. The venom from a Wolf Spider is not fatal, but medical attention is advised if bitten, especially to the young or elderly as their immune system is not as strong.

What Do Wolf Spiders Eat?

A nocturnal predatory creature, the Wolf Spider has a number of delicacies when it comes to feeding time. Crickets, ants, beetles, grasshoppers, and spiders (including other Wolf Spiders) are common staples of the Wolf Spider diet. The larger of the species will also consume frogs and small lizards if they catch them.

The Wolf Spider Paradox

Finally, how men can learn to attract women through studying the Wolf Spider. This phenomenon is known as the Wolf Spider Paradox. Basically, the much smaller male Wolf Spider must approach the dark lair of the female Wolf Spider cautiously. But in order to successfully mate with the female, the male must show a level of thoughtfulness while not trying to overly impress her. The male will beat its abdomen upon the ground to a drum-like sound and hope that it is in tandem with the female’s desires. Beat too slowly and she will think he is weak, beat too fast and brazenly and she will only desire him as a meal rather than a suitable paramour. If the male rushes in with too much confidence, it will most likely result in his quick and horrifying demise of being eaten alive. It’s written in the Wolf Spider’s DNA that they should be able to show a high level of competence without seeming like they’re intentionally showing a high level of competence.

How Does This Help Men?

Take for example a man with a Ferrari. He can discreetly drive it around without the heightened ego of someone who knows what they have wealth. This is okay, he is not going out of his way to show he is better than everyone else and is not overtly showing off. But picture him now waving a massive wad of cash out of his car window while he revs his engine at every opportunity in order to get attention. How do you think that is perceived by nearby females? They’re not likely to be impressed, to say the least (we probably can’t divulge the name of how we would describe them). Of course our regular day Romeo’s don’t have to worry about being consumed alive if they get rejected. The Wolf Spider needs to be more careful and much more thoughtful. It is a fine line between being perceived as too weak, too cocky, or just suitable and this is the paradox. In all walks of life, if you try hard you will more than likely succeed. However, when it comes to attracting women, there is such a thing as trying too hard!

tl;dr – You need to be able to show a high level of competence without seeming like you’re intentionally showing a high level of competence. Play it cool guys!

Wolf Spider Control in Elk Grove, Sacramento, and Roseville

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