Pigeon Prevention Tips for Private Properties

There is a reason why pigeons are called “rats of the sky” all over the country. They actually carry a virus very similar to pneumonia called Psittacosis and avian influenza, which can be transmitted to humans. These can be transmitted through spores from dried droppings that can be carried with the wind. Pegasus Pest Control cares about creating healthy, safe homes with our pigeon control services in Elk Grove, Sacramento, Lincoln, and Roseville, CA. Here are some tips from our certified technicians to prevent pigeon pests in your home.

Pigeon Prevention Tips for Private Properties


This affordable DIY method is a proven, long-lasting way of preventing pigeons from rooting at your place. Fences can block all points of entry into areas where they usually lounge. This fence can be made from rust-proof material, like chicken wire, or you can consider electric fences. Electric fences are durable, easy to clean and harmless.

Home Repairs

You can get rid of parts of your house where birds are roosting. Say a part of the window sill extends outwards and has no effect on the functionality and beauty of the house, but it is the favorite perching site for pigeons. You can remove that outward extension. Pigeons will leave your property if they are deprived of their spot.

You can also install porcupine wires to other areas where pigeons love to hang out. They are sharp metal prongs sticking out in all angles, preventing pigeons from landing.

Remove Food and Water Sources

If there is a constant food supply at your property, pigeons will probably lurk around forever. So simply make sure there is no food available. Pigeons love consuming things like leftover pet food, garbage, and if available, insects.

Keep your garbage out of reach and its surroundings clean to avoid insects. Always clean up your pet’s leftovers. Pigeons are also always looking for water to drink, so mop up your deck, balcony, roof, etc.

Prevent Breeding

This could be the most important step in deterring these uninvited visitors. All you need to do is find their nests and get rid of the eggs before they hatch. You can easily do this every few weeks. Pigeons are actually very intelligent creatures, if you do this consistently, they will be able to figure out that the site is not safe for breeding, and will leave for good.

Destroy their nests

This is similar to the previous tip, simply find their nests and destroy them. They will probably rebuild them a few times, but if you are consistent they will soon get the message and move away.

If you have pigeon pest problems and bird control is needed, then a bird repellent is better placed by a pigeon control expert. At Pegasus Pest Control we understand the worries that having a pigeon problem can cause when it comes to residential and commercial properties. When it comes to food establishments, pigeons and their droppings can be particularly detrimental to business and prosperity. If you need a professional pigeon removal company to help get rid of these winged critters, call us today toll-free at (888) 885-5017.