The 4 Similarities Between Rats & Teenagers

If we were to tell you that there wasn’t a great deal of difference between rats and teenagers, you would probably say we were crazy. For one we can’t help with much, but for the other we have an excellent rat exterminator service. At Pegasus Pest Control, we understand teens and rats and wanted to share our thoughts on their similarities. Enjoy!

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  1. You Leave Out A Variety of Foods

Family dinner time is a rarity in a home with teens. They are always busy on their phones, have homework to catch up on (one can only hope), friends to hang out with, or are binging the newest Netflix show (probable). So, you’re resigned to just leaving food out and available and letting them help themselves. Well, like teenagers, rats also don’t take up a seat at the table (if they do we need to have another talk). Rats are attracted to places that provide even a morsel of food to survive on. If you leave food lying around, the chances are if a rat is present in your home, it will find it. Be sure to always store food properly in airtight containers. When throwing food away, make sure it is securely sealed in trash cans. Never use compost heaps as it will attract a large number of rodents.

  1. You Provide a Warm Home

In the winter months in Sacramento, it is important to have a nice warm roof over your head. As the temperatures drop, you will find that teens will prefer to stay indoors, sheltered away from the relatively mild rain and cold. But teens aren’t the only ones that will seek refuge in the winter months. Rats love a nice cozy spot to rest up for a while. Roof rats will seek out shelter in your attic. If you want to avoid hosting these furry little critters, make sure that there are no branches that make a bridge to your home, as they are a common route to your unattended attic. You can call one of our rat exterminators on (888) 885-5017 to provide a free pest inspection in your home.

  1. You Give Them Personal Space

This actually might not be your choice. Have you ever tried to hold a conversation with a teenager? Just because they stay inside during November, December or January doesn’t mean you will see more of them. Like rats, teenagers like to have their personal space and have no problem nesting in their bedroom. Frequent but discreet (as quiet as a house mouse) trips to the kitchen in order to snack is all you will likely see from them either. Like teens, rats also have no problem living in desolate conditions, if anything they are probably tidier in their secluded spots than your average teen. Both creatures are irksome to approach, so we would advise caution on both fronts. While teen removal isn’t really a thing we offer, rodent removal services certainly are and we at Pegasus Pest Control have no problem ridding your home of at least one of these residents.

  1. You Don’t Charge Them Rent

Whoever said having teenagers was easy? They eat your food, their hygiene is questionable at best, social interactions are non-existent, and what’s more, you can’t even make money from them! Like the teen, the rat also doesn’t bring out the checkbook at the end of every month. Electricity bills? Nope. Grocery bills? Are you kidding? Gas and heating? Not a chance! When it comes to freeloading, the rat and the teens are one and the same. Tired of paying for both? Call us now for the best rat removal service in Sacramento, CA.

Sacramento Rat Exterminator

At Pegasus Pest Control we know the best ways to get rid of rats. Not only will we inspect your home or business for any rodents that are present, but we will also show you how you can avoid unknowingly inviting rats or mice back in. For the best rat removal service in Sacramento, call us toll-free at (888) 885-5017. Unfortunately for teenage problems, you are out of luck.