6 Tips for a Pest-Free New Year 

Are you tired of dealing with the same insect and rodent issues year-after-year? Do you struggle with pests like ants invading your kitchen in the spring, or mice taking over your cabinets in the winter? Don’t let another year go by without protecting your home from unwanted insects and rodents. In addition to regular pest control maintenance, Pegasus Pest Control shares six pest prevention tips you can take to have a pest-free New Year!

6 Tips for a Pest-Free New Year

#1 Start the New Year with a Clutter-Free Home

Since you’ll be taking all your Christmas and holiday decorations back to storage after the new year; it’s a good opportunity to sort through your storage areas. While you sort through things, replace cardboard boxes with sealed plastic boxes. This will help prevent pests from entering boxes and living in all of your things. This will also help you become aware of unseen pest activity in areas that don’t get a lot of traffic, and boxes that aren’t opened often.

#2 Check for Entry Points Before Weather Warms Up

Pests are already living within homes to overwinter. As weather approaches, they begin to move outside. Spring rains then cause many pests to retreat back indoors again to avoid rainfall. This is often when insects, such as ants, will create satellite colonies within the walls. If you’ve checked your home before spring hits, and sealed off any gaps/cracks you can find, this will help reduce the number of insects making their ways indoors during peak season.

#3 Prevent Common Kitchen Bugs

Especially during the winter, when mice become the primary pest concern, keeping the kitchen clean will be important to eliminate pest activity. Even the smallest drop of food on a counter can attract mice and pests like ants, which are seeking out food for satellite colonies. To reduce common kitchen bugs wipe down all counters and surfaces daily, and keep the floor free of crumbs. Store food in air-tight sealed containers, off of the ground.

#4 Remove Dead Foliage From Around Home

Winter storms can cause significant amounts of debris to accumulate in your yard, untouched until spring begins. If you have days without snow and the weather is warm enough, head outside and get an early start on spring yard work. By cleaning up old leaves and sticks, you help reduce common spring bugs in the house, like ants and spiders

#5 Clean Vents and Ducts

The new year is a great time to tackle projects that often get ignored or forgotten in the home. Cleaning vents and ducts will help reduce pest activity and reduce fire risk. And, help you become aware if pests have been entering through these holes in your home. You can do it yourself, or hire a professional to come out and remove debris from vents and ducts.

#6 Contact the professionals at Pegasus Pest Control

For you to have a pest-free New Year, we’ll do a full inspection of your home to find the pests’ point of entry and shut them out. We’ll also spray around the perimeter of your home to create a barrier against invasion. Shrubs and vegetation around your home are also treated so you can enjoy peaceful living inside and out. Our highly trained certified technicians thoroughly inspect your property to identify pest entry points that invite pests to move in. We work together with you to develop a plan of attack that gets rid of your pests while taking care of the residents who belong in your home.

Call Pegasus Pest Control to Have a Pest-Free New Year

Don’t hesitate to get started protecting your home in 2020. And, throughout the year, with our quarterly maintenance service which targets common household bugs all year long! Give us a call at 888-885-5017 and schedule your first service this year.